In a world of saturated music, an album that puts musicality over functionality and provides a true listening journey, is a rare find. Such is the case with “Ocean“, the third long player from Till Von Sein, released on his own imprint Tilly Jam.

“Ocean” builds up a flow, drifting into various spheres, delving into moods, and meanwhile, forgetting about time and principles of structure, most of his previous efforts complied with. Surprisingly, no vox on here. But evidently, the arrangements, textures and sonic nuances on “Ocean” create a narrative on their own.

Full of Balearic house and funk influences, from the mellow house vibes of “Neptune”, to the saturated kick drum and organic flow of “La Boum”, this is an album to immerse into, a piece of music that claims attention and rewards, with an embracing listening pleasure. If you enjoy blissed out pianos, funky bass lines and sun drenched atmospherics then this LP comes fully recommended.

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