Him Self Her - Namito

People familiar with Persian culture and the country’s historic music might be aware of “Gole Sangam” which is a track with much cultural heritage. Namito is an artist with Iranian heritage and at a family gathering heard his sisters singing Gole Sangam. Their rendition of the song deeply moved him and gave him the inspiration to record them singing it for use in one of his tracks.

Paying homage to the alluring emotions of the song, he used the vocal textures as the foundation for a house track and the outcome has really impressed us. It’s a truly beautiful track with a distinctive personality and a heart-warming story behind how it came to fruition.

It’s been made available on the Sol Selectas label as a single track release and knowing the background of the label, it’s a perfect fit for the track due to having a focus on music from different civilizations. Graceful and artistic, it’s an accomplished blend of classic and modern culture that breaches the generation gap of Persian culture.

Namito for those new to him, is a very accomplished artist who in the world of electronic music, has featured on a wide selection of labels ranging from DJ Hell’s International DeeJay Gigolo to Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings.

Truly a fine piece of music that’s got a blend of melodic electronica and beautiful vocal textures fused with a drum beat designed for dance floors.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.