SOLAR034 - Various - Discoveries EP

“Uplifting”, “Melodic” and “Epic” are just three of the words you could use to describe the new various artists EP on UNER’s label Solar Distance.

It’s a very well put together release with all of the tracks having a good synergy that makes them work as both individual pieces and a package that in sequence plays smoothly.

Titled the “Discoveries EP” all of the cuts are from people waiting to be discovered by the global community of electronic music fans who live, eat and breath for the melody rich style of house and techno that UNER has become an ambassador for.

“Louea” by Viviana Toscanini is the EP’s first track, and it’s a nice opener with a steady built-in pizazz that ramps up the energy as it lifts to an elevated peak towards the end.

Building on the foundations laid by Viviana the next offering is from Mootiv who after an ambient start, lifts the gear to add momentum with the help of a haunting vocal.

If the first two weren’t enough then the third track by Biotech Patagonia should hopefully be enough to seal the deal and solidify the EP’s status of being a must have release, as it’s synths brings tension and dram to the minimal percussion of the spacious backing track.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.