Him Self Her - PHCK

German trio PHCK have found their seamless stride on their new record, ‘More Than A Machine.’ A trifecta of talent composed of classically trained musicians, the group evokes a collective consciousness and sense of love to reconnect humans with their soul on this new project. We met with the ethereal visionaries to learn more about the project and how it came to fruition, along with what else they have in store for us.

Released via All Day I Dream, ‘More Than A Machine’ is available now, and you can order a copy from …HERE…

> Congratulations on the album, guys! To readers not too familiar, can you give us a bit of background on how you came together and your sonic aesthetic?

It was me (Chris) and Paul who founded the PHCK project – that’s why we chose our initials for the name. This was about 6 years ago. Stefan joined the project in 2017 and was the perfect additional touch. Our sound evolved over the years and it’s interesting to see in which way. We started with more technoid sounds in the beginning and found our way with the organic Deep House music. It started in the phase when we produced Aeris for Connaisseur Recordings. Have a listen to our back catalogue 😉

> What inspired ‘More Than A Machine’ and why write an album now?

‘More Than a Machine’ was inspired by many things. Nature, music and especially the development of perception in general. It felt right to start with an album after we released our “Elephants” EP on All Day I Dream. We knew that this label was what we’re searching for and we’re more than happy to release the album on it.

> Can you dive deeper into the theme of ‘More Than A Machine’ and how you use music as an extension of humanity?

‘More than a Machine’ is so much more than just an album title for us. It’s a feeling of love, communication and collective consciousness. Our aim is to inspire everyone who listens to the album to find their inner child. You feel impartial again and escape your daily life. Remember the feelings you had when you were just a child? You’re much more excited and free of convention and develop your own potential. That’s what makes you a human and not a machine. We are ‘More than a Machine.’

> Describe your process in integrating traditional/acoustic instrumentation into the album. Were any of the songs built with a specific instrument in mind?

The hang drum was used in ‘Essential Return’ and ‘Harps,’ which became a signboard in our music. We also had a special slit drum for ‘Indian Summer’ and for the outro, “Touch.” Stefan was responsible for recording all the live instruments, which were recorded afterwards. Mostly, there’s the beat and sometimes the chords in the beginning.

> Do you have plans of touring more with All Day I Dream?

Touring with All Day I Dream is always special. The places, the artwork and of course the people. There is no plan for 2020 yet, but you’ll see us there for sure 😉

> What’s next in the PHCK pipeline?

We announced the ‘More Than A Machine’ album as the highlight of the project. We’re looking for different challenges at the moment. But no worries, we have already founded a new project, which is called Flowers on Monday. Keep an eye on our socials!