ANEW001 - ANEW - Anhedral

ANEW Records is a recently launched label that caught our attention with it’s debut release which is a single track titled “Anhedral”.

The track has been produced by ANEW, which is an artist alias also making their debut on their self-titled imprint. Artist and labels sharing the same name seems to be a trend common in techno with people like Truncate having a similar approach.

We know little about the person behind ANEW, but letting their music do the talking we are excited to see what else is in the pipeline.

This track is a little bit slower than usual 130bpm tempo that’s often the benchmark for techno, but it still packs enough punch for it to have impact on the dance floor.

Gritty analogue synths with acidic textures provide the forward momentum, while the rattling percussion holds the groove rigid.

With people like Slam, Marcel Dettmann and Anthony Parasole all showing support, this is a techno release that comes highly recommended.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.