The next release on Singapore based Integrity Records is a mammoth EP that features a variety of tracks from artists including Fabrice Lig, Karim Sahraoui, Greg Gow, Miles Ellis, minimalArchiv and label owner, Eddie Niguel.

All the tracks focus in on a slightly different style, with some being more atmospheric or techy than others, but each is stripped back with a hypnotic style.

Our personal favourite on the release is Greg Gow’s Time Cycle, which has crunching claps and a jovial melody loop overlaying an arpeggiated bassline that’s cut with filter sweeps and ripples of modulation.

Greg Gow’s style can also be heard on other labels ranging from Dubfire’s SCI+TEC to Adam Bayer’s Truesoul and this understated track touches on the most underground part of his style.

Deep techno at its best, this simplistic track sticks to the philosophy of less is more to deliver something that’s perfect for the dancefloor.

You can soon order a copy from HERE

IR007I - VA - The Other Side - Vol 1