Dynohunter is a US trio and live band that combines hand played musicianship and electronic beats in a unique blend which mixes influences from a wide variety of genres.

Their melting pot of combined influences is condensed down into a melodic style of house music that has also proven popular with a number of trendsetting DJ’s who regularly support their tracks.

Already boasting an impressive back catalogue, Dynohunter recently dropped their self-titled album, which features 11 previously unreleased original tracks.

In celebration of the exceptional release, we asked the guys to pick out a selection of the album tracks that they are most proud of…


This track really sets the tone for the album, it takes a lot of inspiration from our experiences hanging out, and performing at Joshua Tree Music Festival which is a really magical place with some amazing energy. We wrote this track with that vibe in mind.

First Point

This is an older track, and the name comes from the main surf break at Malibu, First Point. We were on tour in California around a year ago and got the chance to get out surf for a day. It was a beautiful day, from out in the lineup looking back, the sun was beaming through the haze on the mountains, it was gorgeous. All in all, we feel like the track has some LA vibes in it…

The Lost City Of Enki

We feel like this is the deepest track on the album, and kind of an arrival point, stumbling upon this ancient lost city. The Lost City of Enki was inspired by reading the work of Zecharia Sitchin and his ancient alien hypothesis. His work really has captured our imagination and we’ve tried to create some soundscapes that match what it may have looked like in ancient times when aliens roamed the earth.

Long Way Home

This track brings it all back around in the final exclamation point for the album. It’s a homage to our early Jamtronica roots.

The album is on sale now, and you can pick up a copy from …HERE…