Blueprint owner James Ruskin is one of techno’s most respected artists and his latest release is a solo remix on the ANEW label, which is an imprint focused towards its namesake owners own tracks.

Solo tracks often leave listeners with a “like it” or “leave it” option, as there is only one decision to make, instead of having a few tracks to individually choose a favourite from.

In this instance though, I’d say the decision is more… “like it” or “love it”, as James Ruskin smashes this particular remix out of the park to deliver a track in his trademark style of broken beats intermingled with a funk-fuelled bass hook.

Raw and analogue, the rough around the edges style is machine funk at it’s very best, and the spacious top end has an almost pulsating feel to it with analogue bursts running through the metallic hi-hats before the off-beat hat is eventually introduced to hold the groove.

There is a slightly odd bit in the middle where it sounds like the bassline synth glitches and cuts out to introduce the breakdown, but although odd, it works as a quirky moment that would really liven the mood in a club by creating one of those unexpected moments that galvanise the crowd into anticipating what comes next.

Dark and intense, this remix really is a masterclass of how to make a track your own, and is a must have for anyone who is already a fan of James Ruskin, as it’s everything you would expect from a man of his talents and reputation.

You can pick up a copy from HERE