Gain Records new release comes from label boss Sisko Electrofanatik who is known for his music on other labels including Codex, AnalyticTrail, We Are The Brave and Intec.

The release takes its title from the lead track “Only One” which is accompanied by a remix from Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder, who themselves are accomplished artists with notable releases on Terminal M, OFF Recordings, 100%Pure and Reload.

There is only one original on the release, which is a testament to the strength of the track. Only One doesn’t mess around and gets going from the start. It has a variety of standout sounds that each adds to the track’s distinctive personality.

It is definitely the kind of track you would expect to hear played by someone like Adam Beyer or UMEK rather than Ben Klock or Marcel Dettmann. Its stadium-filling sound demands attention and has a euphoric breakdown that would galvanise a crowd for a shared moment of anticipation before the beat kicks back in.

Morris & Mozzy Rekorder also do a good job on remix duties. It seems clear they spent time listening to the original to pluck out what was driving the groove before deciding their approach. They have cut away some of the sounds that add atmosphere rather than energy and then focusing on the drums and some other key elements, they have streamlined the groove very effectively.

Adding a few new sounds to keep it interesting while the drum rhythms roll, their rework steers clear of anything too melodic. More aggressive, it has one stabbing lead synth that compliments the groove rather than glide over it.

Both tracks show off the pedigree of the producers, and you can purchase the release HERE