Clif Jack is an Italian artist from Padova whose new release is out now on Deborah De Luca’s Solamente. It’s a dark and driving techno release featuring two of his original tracks.

Solamente has been a regular outlet for Deborah De Luca’s own music and its catalogue includes other artists such as Alex Mine, Fatima Hajji and numerous others.

Prior to this release, Clif Jack had worked with other techno labels including Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records. He is also well-known in his home city where he is a resident DJ at some of Padova’s more beloved techno events.

The EP’s title track “Impervium” opens the release with its rumbling bassline, thumping kick drum and thrashing hi-hats. It builds towards a cinematic breakdown where it builds suspense before unleashing its full fury when the drums hit back in.

”Think Believe Dream Rave” is the second of the two originals, and it’s got a compelling vocal that repeats the words in the track’s title. It’s got ravey synth stabs and bags of personality carried forth by the fast-flowing percussion.

You can buy a copy HERE