Head Of Clouds

Selene’ is the latest release by Spain’s Head of Clouds who continues to dazzle with his cinematic style.

Self-released on his own imprint Head of Clouds Records, it’s a solo track release that has already been supported by DJs ranging from Anja Schneider to Lonya.

Its percussive intro makes it perfectly suited to DJ use, whereas some of the previous Head of Clouds releases have been a lot more ambient. It’s also a bit more up-tempo at 126 BPM, as his music is more often around 110 BPM.

There is a bit of a Tale Of Us vibe to this latest release, which has a brooding bassline and stripped-back techy percussion providing energy, but leaves space for the emotive elements to set the mood.

Unfolding with a melodic groove that has some vocal textures layered with poignant piano chords and some delicate synth textures, it’s an inspired cut that captures the imagination while also being able to move a dance floor.

It would be nice if there were a couple more tracks on the release to work in some more variety, but that doesn’t take away from the splendour of this single.

You can buy a copy HERE