Head Of Clouds

Don’t Embrace Me Yet is the title of a single-track release from emerging talent Head Of Clouds and who has released the music via his own label Head Of Clouds Records.

This is the third release from the artist who has so far self-released all of the tracks on his own self-titled record label. Each of them has been a fantastic blend of invigorating melodies and uplifting atmosphere, and this latest one is no exception.

Even the artwork is quite spectacular with its marbled blend of painted textures that see blue and orange flow into each other with bold white streaks adding to the visual display. Well-matched to the warmth of the music, the whole release really is a skillfully put together package.

There isn’t a lot of background info about the artist himself, except that he is Spanish. In many ways this secretive approach adds to the majesty of music, allowing mystery to combine with the already thought-provoking sounds.

Opening with a chugging electric bass guitar and a top layer of a rather clean electric or perhaps an acoustic guitar, it’s the piano that holds more of its emotion. The broken beat percussion loop adds the first change in gear as it builds towards a rather euphoric breakdown. Augmented with some arpeggio synth lines and other synthesised textures, it’s a short and sweet piece of music at only three minutes and fifty-one seconds, but it’s truly mesmerising from start to finish.

You can pick up a copy from HERE