Sisko Electrofanatik debuts on Terminal M with a thumping techno EP worthy of the record label’s top-class reputation.

It features two original tracks by Sisko and a remix from Tiger Stripes who himself is a pedigree techno artist. Both of the two originals have a dancefloor-focused energy that orientates around building synth lines and fast-paced percussion.

This is Sisko’s first release on Terminal M and it’s the same high standard the Italian has also released on Carl Cox’s Intec and Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave. Tiger Stripes is a Swedish artist that turned heads in the techno scene after becoming a regular on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and this remix could be one of his strongest yet.

Kickstarting the EP is the title track “Ametista” which has an electric bassline and thumping kick drum which is fused with sharp hi-hats and building arpeggios. Tiger Stripes’ remix of Ametista chunks up the percussion and uses the breakdown to add his own flavour, as he adds a downtempo breakbeat and poignant melody that adds deep contrast to the main percussive sections.

“Solar Rock” is the second of the originals and it closes out the release with jerking off-beat synth stabs and tension-building pads that are overlaid on the pulsating bassline.

You can buy a copy HERE