German Brigante is a respected DJ and producer from Spain whose style focuses on melodic grooves and powerful percussion. He has made tracks from genres ranging from organic house to tech house and he has released on the likes of Get Physical, Diynamic and Dirtybird.

The latest release by German Brigante is out on the Sol Selectas record label and it features four originals plus remixes by Namito and Rodrigo Gallardo. Each of the originals focuses on organic house and Namito adds a melodic house/techno twist. Rodrigo Gallardo adds additional instrumentation with his organic remix, which is a similar style to what he has featured on Cafe De Anatolia and Underyourskin Records.

All three of the original tracks have either an Asian or Arabic influence within their choice of vocal samples or instrumentation which gives the release a sun-drenched sound.

“Mahesha” is first of the originals and it has a chunky bassline and busy percussion rhythms that fill the track with energy while the mystic vocals add a ceremonial vibe. “Khooli Rah” has a plodding bassline and sitar strings layered with Punjabi vocals to create an epic track with uplifting atmosphere.

”Parvati Maa“ has cinematic strings and a throbbing bassline fused with lively percussion and softly sung female vocals that give the track an intimate vibe which contrasts nicely with the cinematic feel of the synths.

Namito’s remix of Parvati Maa is an upbeat and techy version with jackin’ percussion laying a foundation for chopped up sections of the original’s vocal while the synths deliver a melodic flow.

“Rabba” is the most downtempo track on the release and it’s a fusion of dramatic percussion, mournful synths pads and Indian vocals that have a poignant vibe. The upbeat percussion and jovial melody add some nice contrast as the track unfolds.

Rodrigo Gallardo’s remix of Rabba closes out the release and it’s got a psychedelic atmosphere with added, plucked strings and a twinkling melody that layers with the extra percussion to shake up the groove.

You can buy a copy from HERE.