Out now, is the new release on UMEK’s 1605 that features two new peak-time techno tracks by American artist, Sam WOLFE.

Sam WOLFE is one of the most prolific artists on 1605 alongside the likes of Mha Iri and UMEK himself. This is Sam’s sixth time on the record label and alongside a solo track, he has collaborated on a second with KARKIL.

The two-track release is a rollercoaster of excitement with tantalising breakdowns and pounding percussion. Moving at breakneck speed, the tracks have an unstoppable energy that has become a trademark of Sam’s style.

Although 1605 has become a main outlet for Sam’s tracks, he has also featured on other imprints ranging from Senso Sounds to Tronic. KARKIL is featuring on 1605 for the first time with his Sam WOLFE collaboration, but he has previously worked with Evitative Records and Planet 66.

“Laceration” is Sam’s solo track and it kick starts the EP with an earth-shaking bassline and hard-hitting percussion that lays a foundation for dramatic synth bursts and moments of euphoria. Ramping up the tension, it reaches a crescendo in the breakdown just before the drums slam back in.

“Shadow Ritual” is the collaboration with KARKIL and its pulsating bassline and razor-sharp hi-hats are cut by explosive rhythms and speaker-tearing synths. It also has an uplifting breakdown that creates a hands-in-the-air moment that will unite the dance floor in a moment of bliss.

You can buy a copy HERE.