The UK has an abundance of techno stalwarts, such as Mark Broom, Ben Sims, Slam, Edit Select and you could also put Aphex Twin in that pot. Harnessing what seems like a love of vintage Warp Records music, O’Fella arises from an unsuspecting location in Liverpool, which is fantastic to see the sound moving into new pockets of the country.

O’Fella must have been working meticulously to release his debut album Cosmosis on his own self-titled imprint and it has already had a wonderful impact, as we are told it has picked up support from legends such as Laurent Garnier, Ivan Smagghe, Answer Code Request and Truncate amongst many others.

“Grey to White” is a simple and classy intro by using some fine melancholic chord tones that are wrapped with sci-fi swirls and alien-like textures. Opting for ambience and space in the airwaves, it’s got a soothing and magnetic vibe to kick things off.

“Moon Skates” launches with a subtle dreamy atmosphere from delicate bells soon thickened out with a strutting beat. Turning things up a notch, this signifies the album really getting underway as it’s more of a club directed creation yet also making a pleasant home listening experience.

“Martian Tears” steps into yet another realm of O’Fella’s production repertoire. Funky and focused on a straighter groove, this jovial and seemingly lighter-hearted piece adds a wonderful twist in the storytelling feel thus far in the album.

As the name would suggest, “Breathe” takes a moment of solace with some abstract, warping notes, beatless atmosphere and spacey chords.

“Vigil” has a pumping, rolling tom that is one of the striking elements presented. Another present characteristic is the chopping and pulsing acid notations that are a magical balance of frantic and studious.

Rounding out this space-inspired journey, “Channings” shuffling beat and dripping, cavernous aesthetic has a curious and experimental style.

You can pick up a copy HERE.