JC Laurent 3

Launching his new label called Cielo Records, the French based artist JC Laurent has previously released on labels like Coyu’s Suara and Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection.

Having survived a long DJ career through always producing quality music and a continuous evolving of his desirable techno sound, the Nice-based producer has honed his arsenal to that of a seasoned pro, being able to craft distinctive ideas and cutting-edge grooves through his time-served experience.

His new EP Transparency begins with “Prajna” the initial track focuses on quirky kick highlights and extraordinary sound effects to make up a jovial, but ultimately serious sounding cut with sci-fi twists and turns.

“Expander” has an instantly different groove aimed at working a dark room. Crunching percussion elements are met with sweeping effects, soon followed by warbling pulses and electric sounding licks.

“Transparency” is a crazy track with a raw and regimented kick that is met with abstract hits and spacey effects. The chirpy hi-hat patterns are mesmerising and add some funk to this driving monster.

“Trikaya” is something of an anomaly to finish off this quality EP. Its leftfield approach has a mix of breakbeat and techno that adds a whole new spin to round off the package.

You can pick up a copy HERE.