JC Laurent

Drawing from over a decade of production experience, JC Laurent has carved out a distinctive sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. His previous releases on labels such as Suara, Dynamic Reflection, and Hidden Recordings have garnered widespread acclaim, establishing him as a leading figure in the techno scene.

Nothing But An Illusion opens with “Comet,” a mesmerising fusion of dub techno and modular soundscapes. The track’s ethereal analogue presence sets the tone for the EP, enveloping listeners in ideas that are truly captivating.

“Comet (Na Nich Remix)” enlists Ukrainian musician Na Nich to make a valued contribution as the EP takes a surreal turn. Recognised for his works on labels such as Semantica and Delsin Records, Na Nich lends his distinctive touch to the remix, turning the original into a dystopian landscape filled with ethereal textures.

“Nothing But An Illusion” continues to push boundaries with its title track, featuring a different approach with cyclical tones, shuffling kicks, and a distinct sci-fi aesthetic. The EP concludes on a high note with “The Switch,” a deeper exploration of techno that intertwines intricate layers with a sense of looming intensity and haunting atmosphere.

In summary, this pack proves JC Laurent’s talent and versatility as an artist. With its range of style-bending tracks and immersive soundscapes, this EP is a must-listen for techno aficionados seeking a truly captivating experience. Cielo Records also further solidifies its reputation as a forward-thinking label with releases like this, showcasing the best in cutting-edge electronic music.

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