Sol Selectas is a record label run by Sabo and its style focuses mainly on organic house but diversifies into other styles ranging from electronica to melodic house/techno.

The latest release on Sol Selectas is an Afro house EP by French artist Safar (FR) who is dropping his first solo release on the record label following a remix and some tracks on compilations.

Safar (FR) grew up in Europe but was born in Africa, and his music is a fusion of upbeat and energetic percussion with atmospheric synths that provide both energy and atmosphere. Not only is he known for his releases on Sol Selectas, but he has also dropped tracks via the likes of MoBlack Records and Moon Black Records.

This two-track EP called ‘The Lost Tribe’ is a great example of his talents as a producer and its tribal grooves are well-suited to the style of Sol Selectas.

Opening the release is the title track “The Lost Tribe” and it’s got tribal percussion partnered to dramatic snare hits that intertwine with electrifying synth stabs. Its chanting vocals and spiralling pads add to the captivating suspense and tension created by the dramatic drum patterns.

Memelles” has much of the same elements as the previous track, but has more of a focus on synths due to the spine-tingling arpeggio that runs throughout the track. The track has emotive vocals that give it a ceremonial atmosphere and there is also a poignant piano melody that helps create an emotive breakdown section.

Pick up a copy from HERE.