Chambord & Jo.Ke

Chambord and Jo.Ke team up to release a stunning organic house track called “Quiet Times” which also features remixes by El Mundo, Landikhan and Chukku.

The release comes via Sabo’s record label Sol Selectas, which has previously featured music by Chambord, but this is the first time that Jo.Ke has been signed to the label. Fans of Sol Selectas know that the label is an organic house imprint that has over time proven to be one of the genres most consistent music outlets, and this latest release has the potential to be their strongest to date.

Jo.Ke is a DJ and vocalist whose haunting voice and mystifying lyrics have already proven popular in tracks such as NU’s “Who Loves The Sun” which has over 120 Million views on YouTube. Chambord are a French duo that fuse elements of world music with electronic sounds and they have released stunning music on labels including Abracadabra Music, Kindisch and Akbal Music.

Chukku’s remix is a collaboration with Jo.Ke that suggests the vocalist had some alternative ideas for the track, and their version adds new percussion with some structural alteration to how the track unfolds. It’s still true to the original, but adds an Afro house flavour that’s similar to what Chukku has released via his own record label Souta.

El Mundo and Landikhan are both well known for their previous releases on highly respected record labels from the organic house scene. El Mundo has featured numerous times on Sol Selectas plus others such as Crosstown Rebels, while Landikhan is making his Sol Selectas debut after many releases on his own imprint LNDKHN.

The original version of Quiet Times starts proceedings with its poignant piano chords, deep bassline and upbeat percussion that creates a framework for the spine-tingling vocal by Jo.Ke. There is also a majestic melody played on an oud by Issa Murad. Chukku and Jo.Ke’s version pushes back the bassline and works in extra percussion. El Mundo’s remix of Quiet Times is a magnificent version that builds a new backing track around the vocal to create an immersive deep house remix. Landikhan closes out the release with a moody version that works in a trippy atmosphere.

You can get a copy of the release HERE.