Local Talk is a Swedish label known for championing underground House music that’s often influenced by Jazz, Funk and Soul.

The label’s roster of artists includes genre founding legends such as Terrence Parker, but it’s also been instrumental in breaking new artists, and has been pivotal in the career of artists like Crackazat and Marcel Lune who have both released albums on Local Talk.

Jaxx Madicine are the labels latest discovery and following their recent EP on Local Talk, they are now releasing their debut album.

Based in the Italian city of Milan, Jaxx Madicine are a trio consisting of solo artists Turbojazz, Parker Madicine and jazz keyboardist Veez_0, who individually have feature solo tracks on labels such as BBE Music and Heist.

Appropriately titled Distant Classic there is no doubt this album will stand the test of time and still sound fresh for future generations of music fans as it does today. With timeless analogue warmth and Jazz musicianship, we have been lucky enough to premiere “Elephunk” From the release.

Pre-order the release HERE

LTLP006 - Jaxx Madicine - Distant Classic