Local Talk drops the Round of Applause EP by Wipe The Needle. The Swedish record label is iconic within the house music genre, and it has a back catalogue including greats such as Terrence Parker.

Many respect the record label for discovering diamonds in the rough, and their latest release from Wipe The Needle is just one example of this.

Wipe The Needle has worked with other labels such as Defected, Soundmen On Wax and Deeply Rooted, but this release on Local Talk is the first time we spotted his work, and we are glad that he has been brought to our attention.

Based in the UK, Wipe The Needle is a veteran of the old school who has been releasing music for over a decade, and his latest EP is a master class in quality production.

It’s a little bit different from what some might expect from Local Talk, but only because it’s a little darker than their often-upbeat output.

The EP’s title track “Round of Applause” has the soulful vocals of Aleysha Lei and a jackin’ percussion loop that’s sequenced together with a funky bassline. There is also a reworked “dub mix“, which has a stripped-back aesthetic and more atmosphere. Also, there is an “instrumental remix” that just removes the vocal from the original.

Jack the Nitty” has a two-step groove with a squelching bassline and some downward spiralling synth stabs that give the track a moody vibe. Its twisted and slightly unnerving mood creates a great dance floor intensity that will definitely get people locked into the groove.

Event Horizon” closes out the originals with its laser beam synth and throbbing sub-bass and dramatic percussion with explosive snares and hi-hat bursts.

You can pick up a copy HERE