Simina Grigoriu is back on her label Kuukou with a new release made in collaboration with BB Deng.

A prominent feature of the German club scene, Simina Grigoriu has featured on the front cover of magazines such as FAZE Mag, and released music on a wide selection of labels ranging from Popof’s Form to Paul Kalkbrenner Musik.

BB Deng is someone who has been influential in helping grow the electronic music scene is China where she owns a club venue along with help set up and run festivals.

Berlin is where BB Deng is currently based and this has given her opportunity to work on music with Simina Grigoriu who is also based in the German capital.

Also on the release are remixes by Alberto Ruiz and AlBird who have each put their stamp on the original track “Double Trouble”.

Here at Him Self Her we are excited to have an exclusive premiere of “Double Trouble” which is pulsating techno with melodic pads and glorious acid squelches.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE

KKU029 - Simina Grigoriu & BB Deng - Double Trouble