Ingrid (IT) & Nico Cabeza

Nico Cabeza is a name that has been popping up quite consistently these last few months within the world of techno, and his latest EP is a collaboration with Ingrid (IT) who herself is causing quite a stir.

Ingrid (IT) is fresh from a solo release on Frankyeffe’s new label RXC, and Nico Cabeza’s fans include the likes of Christian Smith, Monika Kruse and Ramon Tapia who have all signed him for releases on their labels.

Simina Grigoriu is also a fan of both Nico Cabeza plus Ingrid (IT) and has signed their new collaboration to her label Kuukou, which has previously featured other artists such as Torsten Kanzler, The YellowHeads and Hollen.

“Want A Rave” is the first of the two tracks, and it gets things moving with a “Bang”! Its swelling bass notes and twisted vocals really work with the spooky atmospherics that add some dark tension to the unfolding mayhem. Super cool with a chic aesthetic, it’s got a streamlined sound that wouldn’t sound out of place in the sets of someone like Charlotte de Witte.

Last of the two tracks on the EP, “Beirut 03” has a rapid fire groove with a pulsating bassline and stabbing synth rhythms that build towards a rave influenced break before lifting things to the next level when reintroducing the kickdrum.

Arguably a double A-side, both the tracks have a strong personality that would give them stand out qualities in any techno focused DJ set.

You can pick up a copy from …HERE…