Integrity Records is a gem in the crown of Singapore’s tight nit electronic music community, and it is back with a new EP that blends techy grooves with stripped back sound design and deep textures.
Featuring seven tracks from a selection of artists, MinimalArchiv has previously featured on Integrity Records, but many of the artists are making their debut here.

Ma Spaventi is one such artist, and many may recognise him from his appearances on M>O>S which is the sister label to the highly influential Delsin. Ackermann is another one of the more established names to feature on this EP with prior releases on the likes of Get Physical, Kling Klong and UNCAGE.

Although all the tracks are of an exceptional quality, there is one track in particular that caught our attention by Crâne De Poule whose track “Opal” is sublime.

Crâne De Poule is new on our radar, but has a back catalogue including Bosom and Rewire Musik. Still new on the scene this is only her third official release, and we are overly excited to hear more from her in the future.

Stripped back with slow building tension and a crisp sound, its creeping synths all combine to create an eerie atmosphere. Definitely one for the heads, its chic style exudes class and we can’t wait to hear it on a dance floor.

you can pre-order a copy from …HERE…