Jacob GroeningJacob Groening’s record label Kamai Music returns with a 9-track summer compilation titled Visions. Its title fits the release nicely, as its mix of artists and styles gives a nice snapshot view of the record label and the music it stands for.

For those new to Jacob Groening, he is a German electronic music artist who gets booked internationally, alongside being a regular at clubs in Berlin and other parts of Germany.

His style orientates around deep house and organic house, but he also flirts with other genres such as deep tech and melodic house/techno. Kamai Music is an extension of his music taste and the label’s nine-track Visions compilation is a great label showcase.

Visions features music by Budajevo & Luca Zagaia, SAVAGE & SHē, Drahm, K-os Theory, Kon Faber, Stephen Herschel, Amentia, Namito, Bakean and Farry.

Namito is probably the best known of those artists, but SAVAGE & SHē have featured on the likes of Crosstown Rebels and others have also contributed to noteworthy imprints including the likes of Sol Selectas and Katermukke.

All of the tracks have a melodic groove with lots of atmosphere and stripped-back percussion. The vibe is either uplifting or psychedelic and all of the music is perfect for a DJ set. No doubt each of the tracks have been played many times in Jacob Groening’s own podcasts and club performances.

Overall, there is a warm and summery vibe to the release and it comes just in time for the 2022 outdoor party and festival season.

The release is a commendation to the A&R skills of Jacob Groening who’s proven to be someone who knows how to set the mood and gets a party started.

You can buy the release HERE.