JC Laurent 4

France-based JC Laurent has prepared his second label offering on Cielo Records that goes by the title ‘All The Symbols’ which has already has gained DJ support from Richie Hawtin, while also receiving love from Charlotte de Witte, Marcel Dettmann, Jonas Kopp, Raär, Takaaki Itoh and many more.

Starting things off, “Chemical Clouds” throws you for a curveball with the opening organic house sounding congas before the beefy, two-step kick shows its real intentions. Appearing to be in the realm of techno this is quite a surprise from his usual releases.

“All The Symbols” is the EP’s title track that comes with a raw attitude of throbbing sub-bass stabs and cyclical atmospherics that are eerie and potent in their application. The spinning, organic drum sounds are also met with unique, rattling accents to create a hedonistic vibe.

“Ghidra” continues the sonic theme, with a thundering kick, but this time a stuttering pattern steps into a new realm of twisted darkness. The intermittent bass rolls are strong and pull no punches adding to its monstrous and imposing poise.

“The Hymn” closes out the fourth track here and steps into a new variation of the EP’s theme. The tough kicks lead the charge and are met with fluttering percussion and warping, acidic swipes. Sparse metallic shimmers have a melodic character and supernatural traits as the main hook on this one.

You can pick up a copy HERE.