JC Laurent

JC Laurent, a prominent figure in the French techno scene, has consistently proven his prowess as a techno artist, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. With an impressive body of work and a distinctive sonic identity, Laurent has become synonymous with innovation and driving beats that resonate with techno enthusiasts worldwide.

In the studio, JC Laurent’s releases receive critical acclaim reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of techno. His signature style draws from a rich palette of influences, resulting in a sound that is uniquely his own. Tracks like “Shadow Graph” and “Intercept” exemplify his ability to balance the raw energy of techno with intricate details, making them instant classics on dance floors worldwide.

The EP title track “Desert Of Light” begins his Cielo Records third release with a hypnotic feeling of being suspended in space with whizzing pulses, electronic flashes and sci-fi melodics. The groove is raw and highly captivating with touches and twinkles of melodic bleeps.

Utilising waves of organic samples and echoing, “TFTSTW” has at times, a naturalistic feeling of nature, while sharply being met by another onslaught of raw percussion to really drive home a leftfield approach as a producer.

“Conflict Attenuator” is no shrinking violet, the thumping beat and warm bassline has moments of beautiful euphoria from tasteful breakbeat sections amidst the ongoing relentless power of the kick.

“Palatization” has a tick tock and two-step style with shuffling drums and what sounds like clinking cups making it a really abstract techno track.

You can pick up a copy HERE.