Erhan Yilmaz

Out now is an enchanting EP of organic house from Turkish artist Erhan Yilmaz, whose two original tracks are accompanied by remixes from Lello Fusco, Zuma Dionys, Kolomin and Wākhan.

The release is out via the Baikal Nomads record label which has a reputation for developing fresh talent within the downtempo/organic house scene. Erhan Yilmaz is an emerging artist who has been making waves with his music on labels like Cosmic Awakenings, and this is his second time working with Baikal Nomads.

On remix duty, Italian musician Lello Fusco makes a comeback to Baikal Nomads with a downtempo remix. Zuma Dionys is a renowned organic house artist known for working with labels like Sol Selectas, Pipe & Pochet, and Bar 25. Kolomin is a duo of brothers who have dropped music via Underyourskin and KataHaifisch. Wākhan is a French artist who is a member of the collective that run O’Tawa Records.

The EP’s title track “Freeze” is a deep and enchanting cut with trippy acid tones and tense pads that layer nicely with deep atmospherics. “W Street” is the second original and it has a pulsating synth line with atmospheric guitar chords that layer with the call and response of complementing melodies.

Zuma Dionys and Wākhan both provide an individual remix of Freeze. Zuma Dionys focuses on adding extra percussion plus some pan pipes, and Wākhan adds more atmosphere to his psychedelic version.

Lello Fusco and Kolomin both remix “W Street,” Lello Fusco adds his own congas and additional synths to create a more dramatic version, while Kolomin creates a cinematic version with a new bassline and sweeping pads.

You can buy the release HERE.