VIKTHOR‘s peak time techno EP “All Together” is the second release on Clif Jack‘s brand-new record label, MJA the Vision.

After his career started with early releases on labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec, VIKTHOR has become a respected techno artist who has amassed a remarkable back catalogue featuring releases on labels like Monika Kruse’s Terminal M.

Based in Italy, VIKTHOR’s style finds the ideal mix of intense percussion and powerful melodies which create heighten tension that’s made for the dancefloor.

The throbbing synths and rumbling bassline of the EP’s title cut, “All Together” sets the stage for the track’s acid line, and the breakdown is defined by a thought-provoking vocal sample about the world ending. Its percussion delivers a pounding groove that pauses only for the tranquillity of the breakdown’s euphoria.

“Feel Alive” adopts a minimalistic and melodic style that has an eerie mood powered by a hammering kick drum. The high-velocity hi-hat rhythms and dramatic synth stabs add to the ominous atmosphere that unfolds as the track reaches its climax.

You can buy a copy of the release HERE.