Jack Realist & James LargeOut now is a deep tech release from Jack Realist and James Large, which sees the pair collaborate on two exquisite tracks with dark atmosphere and flowing energy. The release comes from Ciclé Records, which is a UK-based imprint that focuses on stripped-back grooves.

It is an immersive release that finds the sweet spot between deep atmosphere and upbeat percussion in a style reminiscent of others such as Ben Rau, Archie Hamilton and Mike Shannon.

Of the two artists who are collaborating on this release, Jack Realist is the more established, as he has a back catalogue including music on labels ranging from his own Realism93 to others such as Uncut and Ohana Music.

Following a successful DJ career within the UK scene, James Large is making his debut release with this collaborative EP, and his contribution to this release is an impressive entry into the world of music production.

Let You Go” is the EP’s title track, and it gets the release moving with its bumping percussion, trippy vocal textures and rolling bassline. It’s got a steady flow of momentum which builds captivating suspense as the groove unfolds. “Airplane Mode” is second of the two tracks, and it’s on a similar vibe to its predecessor, but with a slightly more up-tempo groove provided by the percussion and low-end synth stabs.

Get a copy of the release HERE.