Doubtingthomas drops a deep and techy EP via Canadian record label Suleiman that features three of his original tracks.

Hailing from France, Doubtingthomas has earned notoriety amongst his peers as a highly skilled producer and DJ.  Many are familiar with the highly sought-after releases on his own imprint called The Promises. His music can also be found on the likes of Burnski’s Constant Sound and Butane’s Little Helpers.

This is the first time that Doubtingthomas has featured on Suleiman, and he joins the record label’s impressive roster that also lists contributions from others such as Alexi Delano, Cesare vs Disorder, Kris Wadsworth and Robert Babicz.

Opening the release, “Stop for a Minute” is a track that contrasts the dramatic tension of spiralling synths against dubby synth melodies. The percussion is filled with jazzy tones that create bursts of energy that invigorate the groove with moments of captivating suspense.

The EP’s title track, “Clockwork,” is built around a hypnotic melody line that swells and ripples with modulating pulses, while the percussion holds the groove steady.

Syncopation 1992” closes the release with soothing pads that create an immersive atmosphere by washing over the track. Its shuffling percussion and luscious piano notes are underlined by deep bass chords and a tough kick drum, where its defining feature is the mournful tones of a soulful vocal sample.

The release has already picked up support by people ranging from Truncate to Yaya, and you can get a copy HERE.