Benjamin Philippe Zulauf

In a Sea of Random Noise is a new release on Hummingbird by BPZ imprint, by its boss Benjamin Philippe Zulauf, a house music producer with a classic sound.

His music has been influenced by people ranging from Mike Shannon to Jeff Mills, and this machine-driven release is full of character. Deliberately rough around the edges, and with hints of jazz, each track is a dance floor odyssey.

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf has lived in places such as Switzerland, Australia, and the UK. Experiencing those different music cultures, has helped him develop a universal style of house music that is truly timeless.

Furst up is “A Light That Never Goes Out,” and it is a trippy track with a solid kick drum underpinning shimmering pads plus a modulating clap. “Kai Groove” has pitched tom drums and raw snare hits layered with jerking synth stabs and warm pads. “Redheads” is a percussive track that closes the release with shimmering synth chords and ethereal atmosphere.

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