For the latest edition of the Him Self Her podcast we are proud to present a mix from UK techno duo Spektre, which consists of artists Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox.

Focusing on the tougher edge of techno the guys have released tracks and remixes on labels including Drumcode, Kraftek, ELEVATE, Tronic, Phobiq and their own label Respekt Recordings.

Not only have Spektre proven themselves to be skilled producers, their hybrid DJ sets have also become stuff of legend, often blending live elements of their own tracks with those made by other producers.

High octane and full of energy, their punishing sets have earned them a large global fan base and a reputation for being one of the most consistent acts within their genre.

Closing the podcast is the title track from Spektre’s new release on their own label, which can be pre-oredered from HERE.

01. Spektre – The Dreamer (Original Mix) [Misfit]
02. Beico & Mt93 – Kosmos (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
03. Spektre – Retrograde (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
04. Yellowheads – 8 Bits (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
05. Tom Laws – Dynamite (Original Mix) [Analytictrail]
06. Joyhauser – Galaxy Phase (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
07. Weska – Crimson Tide (Original Mix) [White]
08. Sam Paganini – The Beat (Vocal Tool) [Drumcode]
09. Atroxx – Anvil (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
10. Radioslave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Tool) [Nonplus Records]
11. Sebastian Groth – Snow Leopard (Gary Burrows Remix) [Eclipse]
12. Thomas Schumacher – Paradox (Original Mix) [Noir]
13. JPSR – Juggernaut (Original Mix) [Orange]
14. The Micronauts – Acid Party (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Micronautics]
15. Frazier – Fabrication (Original Mix) [Second State]
16. Spektre – Carnival of Souls (Original Mix) [Respekt]

Him Self Her - Spektre