Rebel Boy

Spektre’s Respekt welcomes a label debut from LA-based artist Rebel Boy, who drops his new two track EP called The Ties That Bind Us.

Rebel Boy is a relative newcomer to the international techno scene, but already he’s been making waves with a string of releases on leading labels such as UMEK’s 1605. He has also collaborated with the likes of Frankyeffe for a release on Riot Recordings, and The YellowHeads for a release on Senso Sounds.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Rebel Boy has been picking up a steady momentum, and it’s exciting to see what’s coming round the corner for this up-and-coming techno star.

Johnny Yono aka Rebel Boy has some success producing trance under his real name, but has decided to launch himself into the techno genre. Keeping a subtle euphoria and showing his talent for making the perfect melody, his techno tracks are a perfect amalgamation of uplifting energy and driving percussion.

Both the tracks on this EP are cut from the same cloth, with a blend of dark atmospherics, raw synth textures and epic breakdowns that build to explosive drops when the percussion slams back in.

“The Ties That Bind Us” is the title track and it opens the release with its grinding bassline and flutters of euphoria, which lead to a breakbeat breakdown that switches up the energy before ramping up the aggression.

“Strange Pulse” is the second of the two tracks, and its pulsating groove and medley of industrial textures combine with fast-flowing percussion to create an intense listening experience that deserves to be heard at full volume.

You can pick up a copy of this peak time techno release from HERE