Germany’s techno twin duo Kaiserdisco are no strangers to regularly releasing on their own platform, KD Raw, and they’ve been busy in the studio churning out some new ideas which have formed their next exciting release ‘Form / Figure’ – an EP containing two cuts of their trademark driving techno. We grabbed the first play of ‘Form’, with a heavy groove and a mixture of synthetic sonars, this is hypnotising techno at its best. We also caught up with the duo to find out more about the release and their current movements…

Hi Guys, could you give us a bit of background into how you guys met, and decided to become Kaiserdisco?

We met about 10 years ago in a Club in Hamburg. We knew about each other’s previous musical projects and decided to meet in the studio for our first collaboration. After finishing the first track we recognized that we’ve had so much fun in the studio and there was such a good vibe, that we just went on with the next production and Kaiserdisco was born.

We have just posted a premiere propecia propecia 1 mg med shop of your latest track …. , please could you tell us a bit about the track and the release it features on?

The track is taken from our current two track EP Form / Figure. ‘Form’ is a straight and forward driven techno track with a little ring modulated melody and a subtle baseline which reminds a little bit of a didgeridoo. We just found this bass sound in a software synthesizer and liked it so much, that we had to create a whole track around it.

How does ‘Form’ fit into your current music style, as being a long-time fans, we know your style swings between Tribal House and Techno?

Our sound changed over the years more and more from tech house to straight techno. ‘Form’ fits perfectly into our current sets, as we like to play solid techno which is not too overloaded and not too dark, but still groovy.

So how are things going with your labels KD Raw and KD Music labels, also what is it that separates the two imprints?

Things are going very well for both labels at the moment. We do not have a very busy release schedule. Sometimes it can be once a month, but other times every 2/3 months. This is mainly because we are very, very picky. We will never release anything that we don’t like for 100% and that we do not play. KD Music stands more for softer and groovy techno and tech house while KD RAW is the home base for the harder and rawer techno stuff. We thought it is better to separate these music styles and so we founded the second imprint KD RAW.

We hear that at the end of the year you will be doing a tour of the US, can you tell us about that and any other exciting gigs you have lined up?

We haven’t play in the US for a couple of years, but now we just signed to The Bullitt Agency and they are working on a lot of gigs right now. Looks like it’s going to be a bigger tour with shows in Boston, Dallas, Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles and more to come.

We are also looking forward to returning to Colombia in November to play two gigs in Medellin and Bogota. We have a huge fanbase in South America and it’s always great to play there as the people are always going absolutely nuts.

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