Whistleblower is a record label run by Reset Robot, and the imprint’s latest release is a 13-track album from the label owner.

Reset Robot dazzles with this impressive album that highlights there is more to his sound than what people normally hear on the dance floor.

He has more than a decade of releases behind him on record labels such as Adam Beyer’s Truesoul and Steve Bug’s Poker Flat, but this album shows off his more leftfield side.

Experimenting with slower tempos, breakbeat rhythms and ambient soundscapes, ‘Only Light Escapes Part 2’ is an accomplished collection of tracks that shows off his high-level production skills.

It’s a very impressive body of work that right from the opening track, captures the listener’s imagination.

First Virtue” has pitched vocals that combine with booming percussion and poignant melody chords. “Single Coil” is the second track and has a similar vibe to ensure a solid foundation before the album starts to move in different directions.

First moving deeper, the release takes an ambient turn with the slow-mo groove of “How Deep”, which has swelling chords and ethereal textures layered with epic vocal phrases.

Chords N Ting” is fourth on the release and it brings an old-school hardcore vibe to the release that pulls on the strings of nostalgia. Next up is the dreamscape vibe of “Be Yourself” and that’s followed by the melancholic ambience of “Crows”, which has a bird sound layered with the acidic tones of a bubbling synth line.

The release then starts to build up as the gliding pads of “Beach” start to build up the energy with the help of the track’s accompanying downtempo breakbeat percussion. Slowly the tempo builds up with tracks like the bass-heavy “Daydream” and then the avant-garde “Unknown Unknowns”.

Waves” then takes the album back towards the realms of the dance floor, before the final three tracks set things up for a cinematic ending.

Although there is a couple of dance floor orientated tracks on this release, it’s very much a home listening album that draws comparison to other artists such as Bicep.

You can buy a copy HERE.