Out now is an interesting new release from Canadian artist Darem Aissa, which is a deep and techy EP that ranges from deep house to dystopian techno.

The EP features three original tracks plus a remix from UK artist Edit Select who is well-known for his own namesake record label plus releases on other imprints ranging from Soma to Planet Rhythm.

Darem Aissa has focused most of his output on his own record label Suleiman, and he has also selected that imprint for this latest release.

“Drop of Oil” opens the release with steel percussion and a lurching bassline that forms the foundation of the groove. Moody pads and murky vocals later become the main focus while the trippy melody adds a dreamy top end to the otherwise dark track.

“Syriana” has pitched tom drums and snare fills layered with digitised vocal textures and dramatic string bursts that cut through the eerie suspense. It’s mid-tempo and fast-paced rhythms create an interesting contrast of energy that helps deliver danceable energy that’s infectious without being too intense.

Edit Select’s remix of Syriana adds more focus to the atmosphere while stripping back the groove so the percussion becomes more of a driving force. Dystopian pad sounds washed in reverb become the main feature while many of the original’s parts are stripped away.

“Sunshine” closes out the release with its throbbing bassline and breezy pads that glide with tranquillity setting the tone. The percussion maintains a dancefloor-friendly groove while the cinematic pads provoke poignant emotion.

You can buy a copy HERE