Berlin is undoubtedly a renowned international epicentre for underground techno with legendary clubs like Berghain, Tresor and Sisyphos continuing to deliver life-changing moments to those who wish to seek cutting-edge experiences in all corners of the city.

From its burgeoning wealth of producers is a simmering veteran artist called Miro Pajic who now goes by the moniker MSDMNR and also runs the label project of the same name. The imprint seems to be mainly an output for his own productions, but also has collaborations with TESST who together have formed the duo Modern Doom. Also featured in the label’s back catalogue are remixes from Spain-based Colombian Adriana Lopez of Grey Report and Krenzlin also located in Berlin.

Systematic is the title of his incredible debut album and it follows on from tracks released on sublime labels like Kaiser’s K S R from Germany and Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien from Mexico. It’s a blend of raw rhythms, analogue grooves and modular hooks mixed with gritty, ambient textures. Thick with dance floor-focused weaponry, it has been put together with a clear motive in mind of presenting a refined selection of exciting club works, but not only that, as it has depth of character far beyond most artists can achieve.

The whole album is delivered with nothing but quality in mind, something that can easily be lost with today’s instant gratification and need for never-ending new music. Miro’s own filter and know-how shines through and the title track is an example of carving his abstract sound design with chopping textures into intense moments of clap flutters. As real as it gets that’s for sure and we highly advise checking it out in full and listening top to bottom.

You can pick up a copy HERE.