Out now is a new peak-time techno release by SN-EB who are making their debut on Annie Hill and Danny Fontana’s We Are Existence, following music on other record labels including Syncopate, Techno Mood and Botanica.

SN-EB are exciting new talents from the Italian city of Padova and this two-track EP is a blend of driving percussion and intense atmosphere.

It’s already been picking up DJ support by people ranging from Joris Voorn to Marco Faraone, which is a testament to the quality of their production skills.

Although new artists who only dropped their first official release in 2019, it already seems clear that SN-EB is names that we will likely be seeing a lot more of in the future.

First on the EP is the title track “Reflection” which sets the tone by utilising a pounding kick drum and high-velocity percussion that’s fused with a rumbling bassline and ghostly pads that add to the intensity.

Acid November” is a track that has a vocal sample reminding people about the 5th of November, which is a date linked with the UK’s gunpowder plot that sparked the country’s annual bonfire night tradition. It’s a fitting title to match the track’s explosive energy and acid lead synth that ripples with growing intensity. It reaches a crescendo in the euphoria of the breakdown before the drums deliver a knockout punch when they slam back in.

You can buy a copy HERE.