Earthly Delights starts 2023 with its ‘UnEarthed Delights Part III’ compilation that features 20 tracks split over two parts with 10 tracks each. Earthly Delights is a record label that’s known for having a deep and melodic sound with immersive, atmosphere and uplifting vibes.

UnEarthed Delights Part III combines new remixes of tracks from the label’s back catalogue and puts those alongside tracks by label favourites and fresh talent. There is also a rereleased Him_Self_Her remix of Dave Seaman that hit shelves in 2015 that has been licensed from another label.

It’s a mixed bag of styles that provide something for all tastes and it’s hard for us to talk through each individual track with there being 20 pieces of music spread across both halves of the compilation.

Disalazar’s “Dreams Come True” is one of the tracks that stands out with its twinkling synths and poignant chords layered with ethereal vocal textures and organic percussion.

Another standout track is Nüur’s “Macao” as the fusion of piano chords and synthesised strings works nicely with the shuffling percussion and throbbing sub-bass.

There is so much to choose from on this release that it seems likely many people will get the full package, as all of the tracks would have their place on a dance floor. We are told that some of the DJs already supporting the release include Hyenah, Unders, Be Svendsen, Robbie Akbal and Nick Warren.

You can buy the release HERE.