PlasmatiquePlasmatique drops a fantastic melodic techno single called “Resurgence” which is out via German record label luft&liebe.

luft&liebe is an imprint run by Thomas Helmich, and the record label is a platform that regularly features music from Plasmatique. Releasing styles ranging from melodic house to driving techno, Plasmatique is a versatile producer who is fast making a name for herself.

When not working on her own music, Plasmatique has a job in a professional recording studio where she works on music for film and TV. She is also a skilled DJ and live performer whose sets encapsulate the upbeat energy and exhilarating atmosphere of the music she produces.

“Resurgence” is the only track on this release, and its fluttering synths create modulating rhythms that intertwine between the fast-paced hi-hats. The rising tones of the lead synth and the dramatic snare fills are earthed by the pulsating bassline that drives the track.

The tantalising suspense of the breakdown blends tranquil pads with bursts from the lead synth, as it waits for the track to lift up a gear when the drums are reintroduced. There is never a dull moment in this dynamic slice of melodic techno, which you can purchase from HERE.