Northern Irish duo Loco & Jam have remixed Spektre’s new track titled “Something Inside Us”, and we are proud to present an exclusive premiere of their rework.

Loco & Jam are one of the hottest names in techno right now and along with many high profile remixes, they have contributed original tracks on labels such as Tronic, Terminal M and Octopus Records.

This new remix by Loco & Jam is forthcoming on Respekt which is a label run by Spektre, and prior to this remix, they had featured on a number of the labels other releases.

Spektre is currently riding a wave of success with releases on many of the world’s best-known techno labels ranging from Drumcode to Phobiq.

Both Loco & Jam plus Spektre are widely considered two of the most consistent sources of techno the world has to offer, so them collaborating to rework each other’s music was always going to be a success.

Using a looped section of the vocals from the original version they build towards a breakdown where the melody pads are introduced fully. More rhythmical with a focus on percussive textures, this peak time track is an extremely well done remix.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE

RSPKT167 - Spektre - Gates Of Dawn